Visual Art possesses one important quality: it constantly follows the life and is constantly updated.

So, each generation of artists interpreting the achievements of their predecessors, is making its items that reflect life in its new manifestations.

This is exemplified by the creativity of the sculptor Tom Cooper. Gifted boy from early childhood felt cravings for sculpture.

In 2 years began to sculpt from clay, and from 5 years in the Art Studio began to sculpt from clay. Today Tom's sculptures can be considered one of the most bizarre and amusing in contemporary art. And all because of he puts familiar anatomical and physical forms of strange changes: in place of the nose pulls acute triangle, and table is curved of infinite the curve, which is not visible. The sculptor uses both classical busts, which he later changes beyond recognition, and advanced materials for its creativity-foil, liquid plastic, glue, metal, synthesizing them in multicoloured, similar to the structure of the molecule. About the formal side of the works of Tom Cooper, we can say that they are based on a thorough knowledge of the laws of plastic Anatomy of the human body. In most used technique fireclay, which allows to keep all features of modelling her with the technique of oil painting, in which a piece fron conception to completion is created by the author.Since his first solo show in Paris in 1995, Tom Cooper has undertaken many commissions and exhibitions in Europe, the United States, Russia, Britain and Canada. It was due to an exhibition at the Sculpture Foundation at Goodwood (UK) in 2002 that Tom Cooper was selected to compete in the competition for a monument to the Battle of United States and for which he was chosen. This was the first public monument to be sited in his home country. Since then other monuments in New York have followed.